Emilie: It’s Official!


It’s official, I am now a psychology major. So excited to have finally declared! Next year fall term I get to start taking psych classes. Even though I have been quite busy lately, the work is starting to pay off! #excited #psychology #augie 

Kesha: Busyyy


I’ve been extremely busy lately between school and track. I’m really excited that the whether is warming up. It’s not fun running outside when it’s cold. My classes are going really well. My favorite class right now is my philosophy class. My teacher is extremely funny. It’s week five and we have midterms this week. Only five more weeks of school, one week of finals, and finally it will be time for summer!!!!! I’m going to be happy to be home to see my family and friends, but I’m going to miss my friends from here too!!

Lizandra: Long Time No Blog


Hello there! These past few weeks have been crazy and my upperclassmen friends always tell me that it will only get busier, which I find hard to believe!

One of the most exciting things so far is that I am a Member in Training (M.I.T.) for Sigma Alpha Iota.  It’s a music and social service fraternity and I am so happy that I am able to be a part of it.  

This is a picture with my Bigs, Anna Moorehead and Emily Haskins (from left to right)


AJ: Looking Up!


Had a much better week starting last Wednesday. I was asked to be on a panel of current students who received the Cultural Diversity Award, and answer questions from Juniors that attend EPIC Academy in Chicago. They had some great questions, and I am looking forward to doing it again next year. 

Saturday: 2nd outdoor Track meet of the Season. The vikings had a great two days of competition. (The meet started on Friday and was finished Saturday) I threw on Saturday and had a throw of 42”3. Not my best throw to date, but had good signs of improvement with my technique to be excited for the end of the outdoor season when it really counts. GO VIKINGS!

Saturday Evening: Had dinner with mom and dad. Always fun hanging out with them and catching up on the little things that you don’t hear about when you are away at school.

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Danny: Spring Term So Far


So far this spring term has been pretty smooth. The transitions from the two terms wasn’t a stress for me. Classes so far are pretty good with some amazing teachers.

For my LSFY 103 class, i was able to sign up for my same LSFY teacher for the first trimester, Professor Leech! If you ever have a chance to take any of his classes do it. He is really involved and actually care about you and the process of your work. He’s not that hard of a grader neither so it makes it a lot more easier for us students.

My second class is Intro to Psych. The teacher Mrs. Beadle is a pretty cool lady and for me, had a great first impression. Before i signed up for the class, so former students of hers informed me that she grades pretty strict and that was a worry for me. But after being in her class for 3 weeks now, it is safe to say that its not to bad in the first place. She gives us all the information to be successful in the class and also incorporates the fun aspect of it to captivate you to the learning.

Last but not least, the last class i have is Art of Listening, which is basically learning a way of listening to music as an art and picking out pieces of it to explain in the class. My teacher is a sweet heart, Mrs. Dakin. She is so excited about the things that she teaches in the class that it gives you know choice but to be excited and involved as well. The class is also pretty fun in my opinion because we joke around and listen to great music from the past and also in the present. Its a very enjoyable class. This Spring Term has been pretty good to say so the least. 

AJ: Not What I Expected


This past week has been a giant roller coaster downward. Not a positive week I am sad to report. While fulfilling my 1 post a week quota, and still not offending anyone, I will do my best.

Classes: The 2nd week of classes definitely started to get “real” as opposed to the 1st week fluff. The expectations and faces of my teachers have really come out. All great classes and very interesting professors. The classes will be challenging, but not impossible. GO EDUCATION..lol.

Pledging: I am no longer pledging.

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Lizandra: For Future Reference


Happy Spring! It will be such nice change to have warm weather after this wacky winter.  Anyways, its almost the end of week 2, and I have been crazy busy!  Jet lag is no joke. I miss Japan, but I feel like it affected my decision making when I was registering for spring term.  The Japan daze I was in allowed me to think I could handle 5 classes (13 credits) this term.  Actually, my train of thought went a little like this, “I can take up to 33 credits a year, I have room for one more class, yay!” 

In reality, I cannot handle 5 classes along with my band and work schedule.  Plus, Law School is a serious option for my future and I need to keep my G.P.A. high.  And so I had to make a really hard decision and drop my Christian Ethics class, which seemed really interesting.  The professor was very understanding and I hope to take that course in the future.  College is much different than high school and requires serious effort for good grades.  The moral of the story is to look at the big picture of your schedule, not just one aspect of it.  Just because you can take 33 credits a year does not mean you should try to cram them in all at once.