Lizandra: Midterms, Let the Frenzy Begin


One thing that is often said about Augie students is how busy they are.  This is not a myth, it is absolutely true.  While I may not be the busiest Augie student, I think I meet the criteria.  Last week was fun and very social for me.  Here are some highlights: I went to both of my younger sisters’ winter concerts and I had the worst time finding a parking spot.  I’m not used to that because I was usually in the concerts and basically had my parking spot reserved.  Their concerts were very nice and I am glad that I was able to support them.

On Wednesday I went to The Joy of Christmas service in Andover.  It was a beautiful and brief service and I loved all the translations (swedish, spanish, and english) of the Christmas story. I understood the spanish and english version but I was hopelessly confused by the swedish translation.  Guess I’d better start learning!  The music for the service was phenomenal, and I loved all how many Augie students were involved and I’m glad that I got to participate. 

Then on Thursday, I went to A Green River with my friend Summer.  I didn’t really listen to her when she was explaining what the play was about because I already agreed to go with her.  Let’s just say, I was not emotionally prepared.  It was about a soldier with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how it was effecting his life.  There was no happy ending because the soldier committed suicide after choking his pregnant wife.  It was an intense play but very worthwhile.

Well last week was very fun but now Monday is coming to an end and it is midterm week.  I only have a paper due on friday and a psych test so my coursework is not stressing me out.  I did take up another job though and am working every night this week.  Not only am I a sandwich artist at Subway, and the secretary for my parents’ landscaping business, now I am one of the newest members of Augie Connect.  We call alumni and fund raise money for the Augustana Fund.