AJ: Sorry! Almost Forgot!


Real quick post for you all this week. I have to get back to my rough draft that is due at 5. Making final touches and I still have practice at 4!! OIE!!

Going to be throwing Discus for the first time in my collegiate career this weekend! WOOT! :D

Got the email that said I was accepted to Birthright trip this summer!!! ( Means I get to go to Israel for 10 days for really cheap! ) Now I just need to get my passport before the deadline…..which is May 10th…..OIE!! and yes that is my second “OIE!!” for this post. Get used to it! :D

Last night, I got assigned to be one of the CA’s ( community advisors) for the TLA’s ( Transitional Living Areas) next year! Going to be a lot of fun living in a house with the other CA’s and a great opportunity on campus. Looking forward to a great 2014 school year! Only about 4 more weeks of school and then summer time!!!!!

Only if I could find a job for the summer….



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